Over 30 years global research.

At rheingold institute, some 45 permanent and 55 freelance employees – most of them certified psychologists – apply morphological psychology to analyse the unconscious psychological factors and contexts that influence the things people do.

Using depth-psychological methods and concepts of morphological market and media research, we bring transparency to structures, dynamics and trends in markets, opening up innovative and creative paths for marketing.

The passion that drives us.

Our drive is to get to know the psychological context and deeper meaning of human action. This is how we help our clients understand the secret message of their brand and successfully navigate their markets. Our tool is morphological psychology – a tool we are continuously developing even further.

Your contact for international research

Your cross border support team

Our rheingold employees have one thing in common: Enthusiasm for morphological research. They want to know more and are not easily satisfied. Coupled with a very high level of professional and personal competence and a keen sense of quality. Obliging, friendly, dedicated.

Award-winning research!

A very warm thank-you to our clients and competitors. rheingold institute’s top position in the quality ranking of market research institutes in Germany was confirmed again in 2018.

And we congratulate our clients Frosch, Nivea and Rotbäckchen on winning the brand awards to which we were honoured to contribute through our studies, analyses and strategic recommendations.

rheingold around the world

The rheingold institute has been conducting research worldwide for many years. With offices in Cologne, San Francisco and Shanghai, we are always on location and in touch with the latest trends on three continents. With our branches, we can even more firmly establish the unique method of morphological psychology in qualitative market research on an international level.