We find out WHY customer do what they do.

Imagine they could look into their customers’ hearts and understand their secret logic. With this knowledge, they would adjust the mechanisms of their products and develop highly effective marketing campaigns. A rheingold study provides insights that surprise. It becomes the foundation for innovation, the space for new perspectives.

And because we know your market and your brand better than you do, we accompany you in the goal-oriented development of assertive strategies and in communicative implementation. Thus, market research becomes the basis for value-added-oriented activities in the markets. This is qualitative market research in the true sense.

Know the WHY to understand HOW.

A deeper understanding of your market is key.

In our view, if you want to conquer or maintain a position in a market it is essential to know its depth and dynamics well. This involves far more than simple standards such as observations of the competition. Instead, it’s the mechanisms of a market’s action, its hidden logics, that create effective levers for developing strategies that succeed.


Exemplary rheingold engagements

We’ve provided you with descriptions of cases as projects that clearly illustrate how our processes of market research and advisory support are designed, how we work, and the results that have been achieved.

A tailor-made study approach that leverages our tools and expertise


Our methods are the result of scientific research and constant development. The rheingoldInterview® is the methodological centrepiece. It is combined with quantitative methods, mobile research, social analytics or VR laboratories. With each study tailored to the question at hand, no two settings are alike.



Driven by our permanent aspiration to remain the best provider, we have developed our own rheingoldTools®. These tools offer us a variety of applications we can apply as required by the task of our projects. Whether conducting a rheingoldLab® or enlisting a rheingoldTuner®, we know the right combinations.


Soon here to try out:Our Performance Finder

With the rheingold performance finder, you can playfully find out which topics we are exploring, which tools and methods we use in market research and how we tackle specific topics and questions. All rheingold tools can be intelligently combined with each other. We develop a separate setting for each customer and every question to guarantee optimal output.

The rheingold power finder is currently still being programmed and will be available shortly.

The formula for strong brands - theBrand Success Code

In the moving markets, the requirements for strong brands are virtually exploding. This makes it all the more important to have brands that are very resilient in the face of influences and attacks, while at the same time staying on course to success through strategic relevance, clear positioning, consistency and uniqueness. We perform a comprehensive analysis of your brand personality, working with you to develop the formula for success specific to the brand.


What makes rheingold unique.

We have continually developed and optimised our methods and procedures over the course of three decades. This has resulted in models that can only be found at the rheingold institute, such as the ‘Continents of Markets’ for identifying market mechanisms; our hybrid ‘Arena’ research tool; or our ‘Brand Success Code’ model for brands.

The rheingoldArena®

rheingoldArena®, the new rheingold exploration method, creates a focus-group scenario that potentiates findings through a live linkage of the analogue and digital worlds.


Your clients’ PoV

rheingold CoCreation® gives companies an opportunity to witness the customer experience up close, through the eyes and belly of the consumer.


The rheingoldInterview® as centerpiece

A two-hour exploration reveals the unconscious psychological effects and influencing factors that determine consumer or user behaviour. Often, with surprising results.


Completely unique

All market researchers at the rheingold institute have completed a two-year additional course of study at the rheingoldAkademie®. This makes the quality of our work unique.


The right follow-up strategy

With rheingoldBridging, we follow up on your rheingold study, working with you to develop the strategic measures and concrete steps that will make your study effective in the long term.


Qualitative market research worldwide

The rheingold institute is based in Cologne. But this is not true of our clients, and certainly not of their brands. We also serve purely national customers through our branch offices in San Francisco and Shanghai. But many international companies as well – essentially the whole world from a single source. The blue areas of the map show you the regions in which we regularly conduct research:

To meet intercultural demand in the modern world of market research, it goes without saying that rheingold populates its research teams with experts from different countries.

We view CrossCulture as a joint project, working with our cooperation partners in the respective countries and a binational interview team. Only by adding a supra-regional perspective to rheingold project management, with local researchers’ perspectives on location, can ‘blind spots’ be avoided and cultural specificities and similarities be tracked.

Through this proactive, intercultural exchange, rheingold acts as a cultural translator, ensuring the renowned quality of rheingold research – all over the world.

Our Clients

Our customers include international corporations as well as medium-sized companies. What unifies them is the search for real insights and the blunt truth about her brand, her company and her communication. Most of them have had a trusting, mutually beneficial partnership with us for years.