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Webinar rheingold confidence derivatives marketing

Confidence Study: Deductions for Marketing & Communication

Germans are repressing global crises, feeling powerless and at the same time retreating into private oases of confidence. What do these current study insights mean for consumer behavior and brand perception? How can companies respond to people's withdrawal and displacement?
Webinar rheingold confidence of the Germans

Germany on the run from reality

Stuck between climate change and war, a large part of the population is disillusioned with politics and society and reacts to the perceived hopelessness by fleeing into private happiness. Presentation of the depth-psychological and representative survey about the state of mind of the Germans in summer 2023.

Digital future trends x Human factor

Some technological trends catch on - others don't. Why is that and what role does the "human factor" actually play in the technological progress equation? A presentation of the joint study "The Human Factor" by the Cologne-based rheingold Institute and Ströer.
Meat counter

Storytelling and visual merchandising at the POS

Emotions can provide the decisive incentive to buy at the point of sale. In-depth psychological market research can be used to segment customer groups.
Shopper Journey 2022

The hybrid shopper journey in grocery retailing

What makes customers tick throughout their shopping journey and how can their behavior be tracked?

Binding forces and binding killers in companies

A joint study "Cohesion - Tomorrow's Retention Forces" by the rheingold institute and Pawlik Consultants shows that many employees are open to change.

Generation Z and the psychology of local news

How does GenZ deal with local mobile news offerings and what are psychological drivers, blockages and needs?
vegan and vegetarian diet

Future trend vegan and vegetarian diet

How are consumers developing into flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans, what drives them and what hardships do they face? What expectations do they have of manufacturers and retailers?
Sustainability and financial investments

ExpertClub: "Sustainability and Financial Investments"

Are sustainability and financial investments compatible? This question was investigated by rheingold psychologists on behalf of Union Investment.
Crisis Update Webinar

What makes consumers tick in the crisis?

Here you can find out where consumers want to or can save, what they are particularly afraid of and how they can prepare for the coming winter.
Home office report for managers

Hybrid leadership with the home office

Hybrid working poses major challenges for managers. On this topic, we talk about the essence of four studies on home office and new work in our ExpertClub.

Psychological turning point - also for brands

War and the permanence of crises shake us and lead to surprising forms of coping. What makes consumers tick in these highly emotional times?
Melancovid Meets Fear of War

The Ukraine crisis and mental Long Covid

After two years of Corona, the Ukraine crisis is now shaking people up. Judith Behmer, Stephan Grünewald and Birgit Langebartels present the results of our own study.
The stumbling block of gender

Psychological stumbling block of gendering

In a depth psychological as well as quantitative study, we show what gendering means for society and consumption, for brands and markets.
ns time national socialism genZ

Uncanny fascination - What is Gen Z's attitude to the Nazi era?

An uncanny fascination: The rheingold institute was commissioned by the Arolsen Archives to investigate the young generation's attitude to Nazi history.
Secrets of success of brand stretching

Red cheeks: Success secrets of brand stretching

Klaus-Jürgen Philipp (Rabenhorst), Stephan Grünewald and Carsten Schneider (rheingold): The secrets of excellent brand stretching.
Home Office Studies

Home or Office? Current studies

Birgit Langebartels and Sebastian Buggert present findings and solution approaches based on several rheingold studies.
How Germans look to the future

The Future Study 2021 by rheingold & Identity Foundation

Study on the future 2021: In-depth psychological and representative study "How Germans look to the future".

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