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Wutao Wen
Wutao Wen

Wutao Wen, project manager at rheingold, grew up in China, studied market and media research in France and Germany, and specialized in Chinese youth and media development.

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The 996 revolt in China

3 Questions for Wutao Wen

The name "996-work pattern" refers to an unofficial work rhythm: work is done from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, six days a week. Nowadays, such a work rhythm is becoming more commonplace in China and corresponds to at least 60 working hours per week. This is not allowed by law.
Produce 101 shapes the superstars of tomorrow

The collective shapes the superstars

Collectives like the casting format "Produce 101" form superstars and trigger media hypes. What can German entrepreneurs learn from this?