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Mental intelligence versus artificial intelligence

Mental intelligence is not essentially related to AI, says Stephan Grünewald in an article for the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. It lacks the transience, the infatuation, the inner contradictions of the soul.
Organic carrots

Why the biopipe was no longer allowed to be evangelical

Consumers are ambivalent, wanting to drive SUVs and save the planet at the same time. Brand managers also have to deal with this ambivalence. Stephan Grünewald puts forward these and other theses in the Brand eins podcast "Sustainable Brand Stories.

On the rheingold couch - how a depth psychological interview works

Sebastian Scheffel from RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland turned the pages at the rheingold Institute and let himself be interviewed about his confidence. Here is his report:
Webinar rheingold confidence of the Germans

Press commentary on the study: Germans' Confidence in Times of Multiple Crises

Germany on the run! Disillusioned with politics and society, a large part of the population reacts by fleeing into private happiness.

Conservative roll-back - the hard man returns

We have been observing a conservative rollback in masculinity for ten years now, increasingly manifested by a fascination with authoritarian structures, more or less open sexism, and a return to supposedly outdated role models.

Apple Vision Pro: A psychological look at the soul's needs

Apple has released their long-awaited vision of mixed reality hardware, the Apple Vision Pro. Based on the joint study, Ströer conducted an interview with Stephan Grünewald.

Counter magic at the turn of time

Stephan Grünewald discusses insights from rheingold research with the German government at Schloss Meseberg - the topics are confidence and changing times.

Understanding consumers with hybrid methods

About the currently quite fertile ground for Quali research, about cooperations as well as smart tools that complement classical methods and how the institute is getting fit for the future.
Beauty Trends 2023

Beauty trends 2023

INSIDE beauty asked market research and communications insiders about the most important trends. In this interview, Judith Barbolini reveals what we should look out for this year.

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