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Training as Morphological Market-
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Studying at the rheingold academy

The rheingold Academy offers practice-oriented training in the field of depth psychological impact research to become a morphological market and media researcher . In cooperation with various public and private universities and under the sponsorship of rheingold, the academy offers a compact study or part-time course (duration: four semesters in two years). The course regularly starts in the fall; the next start date is in October 2025.

While studying at the rheingold Academy, students have the opportunity to apply for an internship of several weeks at the rheingold institute. In addition, the certificate "Morphological Market and Media Researcher:in" opens up promising career opportunities. Considering the broad spectrum of market and media research, this qualification offers psychologists an alternative career path beyond therapy, diagnostics or consulting.

Exploring the motivational drivers of consumer behaviours

The training is based on psychological morphology, enabling us toexplore the motivational drivers of consumer behavior. Morphological Market and Media Research, for example, lays a foundation to evaluate and optimize ad campaigns or improve media formats to reach consumers and audiences in a psychologically relevant way. Since morphological impact research always examines the use of products, brands and media in their everyday context, this approach also provides fascinating insights into contemporary culture.

Who is the training for?

Training at the rheingold Academy is aimed at students of the following subjects who, during or after their studies, wish to pursue a career in impact and market research, marketing, communications or media:

  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Market research/media research
  • Graphic/Design

The course format accommodating currently employed participants, is generally aimed at people from fields interested in gaining an additional psychological qualification:

  • Psychology
  • Business Administration/Marketing
  • Social Sciences
  • Advertising/Communication
  • Media Studies
  • Cultural Studies

You will go through these semesters at the academy 

Semester 1 and 2: academy basic

Exploration (morphological description and in-depth interviews)
By the end of the two semesters, you will be able to conduct and document in-depth psychological interviews.

In detail: 

  • What are psychological phenomena?
  • Learning how to describe (own experience and behavior)
  • Learning how to conduct interviews (on other people's experience and behavior)
  • first presentation of versions and hexagram (optional)

Semester 3: academy advanced

Analyze and evaluate (arrive at results using a system)
By the end of the second module, you will have deepened your interviewing skills and will be able to write your first analyses.

In detail: 

  • Media impact in everyday life and “Verfassungs” (mood) marketing
  • Translation of descriptions into evaluations
  • Deepening of the work in the methodical version process
  • Practicing different approaches to analysis with the morphological hexagram
  • Creating a small, prototypical self-study
  • Supervision of conducted interviews

Semester 4: academy professional

Morphological study skills
Plan and implement complete projects, conduct, analyze and evaluate interviews based on morphological market and media research principles.

In detail: 

  • Present results through slides and orally
  • Fairy tales and myths to explain market and media phenomena
  • Supervision of conducted interviews and evaluations
  • Small self-study as a final thesis
  • Colloquium or presentation of results as final examination

The classes are held on Fridays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. each week.

The course offers practical and scientifically based training in morphological market and media research. To ensure intensive training, the number of course participants is limited to a maximum of 15.

Your application should include a short CV and, above all, a letter of motivation. This should show how the planned training fits in with what you have done so far and what you want to do in the future. Please e-mail to Judith Behmer(

Costs: The participation fee is € 1,000 plus VAT per semester. Students have the possibility to reduce the participation fee through their own interview activities; however, the minimum fee is 240,- € plus VAT per module.

rheingold Academy has proudly been offering this training program for more than 20 years.

Psychological Morphology is a theory developed at the Psychological institute of the University of Cologne by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Salber. Scientific associations and private firms that work with the concept of Psychological Morphology successfully cover diverse fields among culture and business. The rheingold institute and the rheingold Salon are among the leading providers of qualitative impact research nationwide.

The lecturers of the program are either employees of the rheingold institute or the rheingold Salon, as well as guest lecturers,invited from other firms or academia. In addition, lecturers from companies who work with morphological research firms or approaches provide insight, for example from meda stations or advertising agencies.


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"The psyche is extended, yet knows nothing about it."

One of Sigmund Freud's last notes, published posthumously.

The trainee program at the rheingold institute

A 2-year program to become a morphological impact researcher.


The trainee program in detail

In a 24-month program, our trainees become morphological impact researchers. We contract two to three trainees each training year. In order to ensure the high qualitative standard of the training, a new training course is launched only every two years.

In the two-year training program, we teach the tools of morphological psychology as well as provide an introduction to marketing and business life. You will learn to explore our culture as well as the cultures of other countries with an in-depth psychological toolset

During the 16-month “Trainee Basic” training, the focus is on conducting in-depth interviews and focus groups, followed by an introduction to evaluation, client management and project organization. If suitable, this is followed by an 8-month ”Trainee Master” program focusing on analysis, report writing and presentation. At the end of the two training phases, participants are qualified to be project managers.

Our goal is to employ you on a permanent basis after you have successfully completed your trainee program.

You are a perfect fit if you meet the following requirements:

  • Degree in psychology, another liberal arts or communications field, or in marketing, theater, film & TV.
  • Interest in market, media and cultural research
  • Curiosity and openness for new approaches to topics and questions of our culture
  • Interest in qualitative-psychological methods of social research (ideally first experiences)
  • Very good English skills

In addition to the common degrees and certificates, it is particularly important for us to receive a detailed resume and a brief description of why you are applying for the trainee program, what your expectations are and what we can expect from you. We would be pleased to receive samples of your work, for example interview descriptions, excerpts of your diploma or master's thesis or similar.

Please apply to Petra Thiemann