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Counter magic at the turn of time

The government's "double whammy" to mitigate the consequences of the crisis is not enough to spread confidence among the people.

We have never had any fear of contact with Quant.

About the currently quite fertile ground for Quali research, about cooperations as well as smart tools that complement classical methods and how the institute is getting fit for the future.

Johannes H. Mauss is new Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing professional Johannes Mauss is Chief Marketing Officer and member of the management board at rheingold with immediate effect. He expands the marketing and sales expertise as well as the brand and strategy consulting.

A look into the soul of energy customers

The rheingold institute has conducted a comprehensive study among customers of energy suppliers, deeply investigated and classified their perception and preparation for the "hard winter" and the energy crisis.

Strengthening democracy - reality of life in times of crisis

What is the state of democracy in our country? This year, too, the representative study "How we really live" commissioned by Philip Morris.
ECR Day - Shopping of the future

ECR Austria 2022 - "Meet the seamless consumer".

Judith Barbolini presented the "seamless consumer" as a keynote at ECR Day 2022. "People no longer buy products, but solutions for life issues". You can watch the whole presentation online here.
9-euro ticket for social cohesion

"The 9-Euro-Ticket is much more than a transport policy measure".

The ticket strengthens social cohesion, trust in the state, and as a bonus you get sustainability on top. This is much more than a transport policy measure.
saving in the crisis

Awaken the Spar-taner in You! - An essay by Stephan Grünewald

How will Germans deal with the war in the future - and with an autumn full of worries? The psychogram of a country between reality repression, impudence, readiness to protest - and a great deal of desire for renunciation, which can be charged with psychological added value. 2022 2022 - "Looking optimistically to the future?": Stephan Grünewald and Thea Dorn in conversation

Thea Dorn talks with Stephan Grünewald about the consequences of the pandemic on our state of mind and our view of the present and future.
Home Office Report

Home Office Report for Executives: Now Available

Home Office Report for Executives: Now Available.
Youth Study

rheingold Youth Study 2022: Now available

The pandemic was a challenge for many young people. With consequences to this day. This is shown by the results of the rheingold youth study.
Depth psychology and algorithms

Understanding emotions: How Depth Psychology and Algorithms Enable Accurate Predictions

rheingold combines depth psychology and algorithms and thus unites methods for measuring emotions.
Shopper Journey

Shopper Journey Study 2022: What makes customers tick when shopping?

In the search for typical shopping patterns, seven customer journeys emerged in the "Shopper Journey Study 2022".
stern youth study

Stern Youth Study: "The lockdowns were hard work for young people"

The pandemic was a challenge for many young people. With consequences that continue to this day. This is shown by the results of the rheingold youth study.
Penny commercial strikes a chord with the younger generation

Penny commercial: Why it strikes a chord with the younger generation

Growing up in crisis means regressing into the "Corona cocoon." The new Penny Spot addresses this dilemma.
Âawards rheingold 2021

Your review of Market Research Providers 2021: Thank you for your feedback!

For years, the rheingold institute in Cologne has been able to assert itself through top rankings in the areas of quality and competence. So also in 2021.
Election campaign pays off

"How we really live" study shows: Election campaign pays off!

The rheingold study for Philip Morris "How we really live" examines the attitude of Germans to the 2021 federal election.
Error Culture Mask Affair

On more courage, a better error culture and the "morally reprehensible" mask affair

More courage and a better error culture help out of the psychological (Corona) crisis, while the Union's mask affair has fatal consequences.