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Demonstrations in Germany. January 2024

Between wake-up call and boomerang - psychological effects of demonstrations against right-wing extremism

We examined the psychological impact of the demonstrations against right-wing extremism in January 2024.
Study on the reality of life: Citizens in Germany long for "people's caretakers" and political representatives who solve problems • Representative study "How we really live" by the rheingold Institute on behalf of Philip Morris examines influencing factors and perspectives on political representation • Concept of the "common people" is gaining relevance • Citizens are becoming more fearful and radical

Study on the reality of life in Germany

Citizens in Germany long for "people's caretakers" and political representatives who really solve problems. The concept of the "common people" is gaining relevance.

Mental intelligence versus artificial intelligence

Mental intelligence is not essentially related to AI, says Stephan Grünewald in an article for the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. It lacks the transience, the infatuation, the inner contradictions of the soul.

Democratic burial in the forest floor

Why do people want to be buried in a forest? rheingold has researched the motives in a psychological-qualitative and quantitative representative study on behalf of FriedWald.

Young people on professional standby

Why are some young people not studying or training and are permanently on career standby? This was investigated by rheingold for the Joblinge initiative.
Dream House Interhyp Residential Study 2023

Interhyp living space study 2023 - the old building becomes a nightmare

Waiting to buy your own home and a clouded view - that's what Interhyp AG's new Wohntraumstudie 2023 shows. The rheingold Institute asked people about their housing situation, their dreams and plans.
Organic carrots

Why the biopipe was no longer allowed to be evangelical

Consumers are ambivalent, wanting to drive SUVs and save the planet at the same time. Brand managers also have to deal with this ambivalence. Stephan Grünewald puts forward these and other theses in the Brand eins podcast "Sustainable Brand Stories.

Depth psychological insights at the planning & analysis Insights 2023 in Frankfurt

The annual meeting for (corporate) market researchers and advertisers. rheingold will be present with a keynote by Stephan Grünewald as well as a booth. We are looking forward to two exciting days at the fair.

On the rheingold couch - how a depth psychological interview works

Sebastian Scheffel from RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland turned the pages at the rheingold Institute and let himself be interviewed about his confidence. Here is his report:

Why young women shy away from leadership positions

Young women want hybrid and agile work beyond official channels and hierarchy. Birgit Langebartels, psychologist and head of rheingold "Gender&Generation," talks about the new mindset and what companies need to do now.

Apple Vision Pro: A psychological look at the soul's needs

Apple has released their long-awaited vision of mixed reality hardware, the Apple Vision Pro. Based on the joint study, Ströer conducted an interview with Stephan Grünewald.

Germans oversaturated by technology - study on acceptance of future trends

Germans are saturated with technology and feel little need for new applications. From a psychological perspective, a technological-digital epochal change is on the horizon.

Psychological paradox of sustainability

The desire for sustainability stems from a conservative longing. But we can only preserve the world by transforming it. An interview with Stephan Grünewald.

New management structure at rheingold

The rheingold Institute is now organized in focus units, which will bundle the professional expertise in three departments in the future. The units are headed by Judith Barbolini, Paul Bremer and Christine Mack.

Counter magic at the turn of time

Stephan Grünewald discusses insights from rheingold research with the German government at Schloss Meseberg - the topics are confidence and changing times.

Understanding consumers with hybrid methods

About the currently quite fertile ground for Quali research, about cooperations as well as smart tools that complement classical methods and how the institute is getting fit for the future.
Johannes Mauss

Johannes H. Mauss is new Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing professional Johannes Mauss is Chief Marketing Officer and member of the management board at rheingold with immediate effect. He expands the marketing and sales expertise as well as the brand and strategy consulting.

A look into the soul of energy customers

The rheingold institute has conducted a comprehensive study among customers of energy suppliers, deeply investigated and classified their perception and preparation for the "hard winter" and the energy crisis.