Hybrid leadership with the home office

Hybrid working brings with it major challenges for managers. They face the double burden of managing their own home office situation and ensuring team spirit and smooth collaboration under completely new conditions. We have summarized the essence of four studies and helpful practical tips for hybrid leadership in a report on this topic.

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What you can expect from the Home Office Report:

Psychological significance of the home office

You will understand what it means psychologically for you and your employees to work in a home office.

Practical tips for hybrid leadership

Alexandra Altmann from virtuu, expert for hybrid leadership, gives very concrete practical tips for your everyday life. https://www.virtuu.net

Mental dimensions of work

They generally capture the mental dimensions of work - important factors for satisfaction and productivity.

Activate and establish bonding forces

You will learn in a practical way how you can reactivate and establish bonding forces between employees and the company.

Four studies in one report

The Home Office Report bundles the findings from four qualitative rheingold studies on New Work on around 50 pages.

Redefining leadership

You reflect on how you can redefine leadership under new auspices.

What questions does the Home Office Report ask?

  • What does it mean psychologically to work in a home office?
  • What kind of difficulties do employees and managers get into?
  • How can New Work be made psychologically successful?

Figures from the Home Office Report

of employees feel more interchangeable in the home office
shows lasting disappointment in their own company.
the distance to the company has grown.
of the employees lack personal contact with their colleagues
Work in the home office has become more concentrated
considers itself to be (rather) less productive overall.

Hybrid working - how to create loyalty despite a home office

In order to master the new challenges, employees are needed who are loyal, resilient and flexible in their response to change. At the same time, this newfound willingness to change should not lead to a constant departure for new shores. In these dynamic times, companies must invest a great deal in the further training and development of their employees. It is therefore all the more important that they feel strongly committed to the company and do not fall into a persistent mood of change.

Understanding creates commitment! It is therefore worthwhile for both sides to understand the psychological mechanisms of action and to build a new leadership culture on them.

The recording of the ExpertClub from August 25, 2022

08/25/2022, 12:30 TO 1:00 P.M.

Hybrid leadership with the home office

Hybrid working poses major challenges for managers. On this topic, we talked about the essence of four studies on home office and new work in our ExpertClub. We were joined by rheingold psychologist Birgit Langebartels and hybrid leadership expert Alexandra Altmann from virtu. Moderation: Ismene Poulakos

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