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EM study - domestic vs. Chinese sponsorship

Flash study by the rheingold Institute on sponsorship impact at UEFA EURO 2024 shows preference for everyday and domestic sponsorships.
Organic carrots

Why the biopipe was no longer allowed to be evangelical

Consumers are ambivalent, wanting to drive SUVs and save the planet at the same time. Brand managers also have to deal with this ambivalence. Stephan Grünewald puts forward these and other theses in the Brand eins podcast "Sustainable Brand Stories.
Beauty Trends 2023

Beauty trends 2023

INSIDE beauty asked market research and communications insiders about the most important trends. In this interview, Judith Barbolini reveals what we should look out for this year.
Will the Seamless Consumer change the future of shopping?

The end of brands?

In the future, shopping will be driven more by the desire for personal development and solutions to life problems. Companies urgently need to rethink.

Brand communication in the crisis

Birgit Langebartels on the current mood of people in Germany, how brands should react to it and why the trend towards nature is unbroken.

2nd Screenforce Expert Forum

In the current situation of the Ukraine war and the energy crisis, the outcome of which cannot be predicted, brands convey stability and confidence, thus becoming a psychological support for people.

Psychological turning point - also for brands

War and the permanence of crises shake us and lead to surprising forms of coping. What makes consumers tick in these highly emotional times?
Innovation development with rheingold

Innovation development with rheingold

The conditions for innovation development are good - especially with the end of the Covid 19 crisis it is time to take off.
Brands give consumers inspiration

Brands give consumers inspiration

Despite the Corona crisis, the opportunities for brands are greater than ever. "They are one of the main suppliers of new role models, ideas and innovative solutions. They give consumers inspiration," says Judith Behmer. She was a guest at Screenforce's 2nd Expert Forum 2020, "Economy, Consumer Climate and Marketing: How Corona Will Determine Our Future." How marketing is adapting to the "New Normal"...
Brands as signposts of the new everyday life

Brands - as signposts of the (new) everyday life

In the current phase, brands can point the way like a GPS transmitter and make meaningful offers for the new everyday life.
Cross-industry growth opportunities

Cross-industry growth opportunities - leveraging the increased importance of sports and outdoor

New corona-driven motivations and needs from the sports and outdoor industries hold cross-industry growth opportunities.
Advertising in podcasts

The new listening - how advertising in podcasts works best

Podcasts can create high levels of engagement and loyalty among their users, as well as drive behavior change.
How brands become lighthouses

How brands become lighthouses

How brands become beacons in times of crisis and why promises of sustainability are misleading in these times.
Consumer prospects in the crisis

Consumer perspectives in the crisis - a rheingold in-house study

Consumers crave backing and confidence in the future, and brands can deliver.
Corona and drinks

Who now advertises wisely

Heinz Grüne answers what influences the Corona crisis has had on the beverage industry and its brands, and what must now be done differently in terms of advertising.
Brand Purpose: Bold manifesto instead of fig leaf

Brand Purpose: Bold manifesto instead of fig leaf!

Companies must redeem their brand purpose in a differentiated and tangible way. The prerequisite for success is that it takes up and transforms an original purpose of the brand.
trackle: The algorithm to the biorhythm

trackle - the algorithm to the biorhythm

trackle is the product of a Bonn-based start-up company for natural family planning. The winner of the rheingold start-up award has been on the market since fall 2018. Love and sex meet high-tech and digitization here.
World's leading trade fair for organic food

World's leading trade fair for organic food

Organic food is a growing success story. Germany is the largest organic market in Europe: annual growth rates are between 5-10 percent. However, the pioneer in organic food, the organic specialist trade, is not benefiting from growth to the same extent as the classic food retail trade (LEH).