Turbo puberty in the Corona greenhouse: what needs and desires teenagers have now

The generation of 15- to 19-year-olds had a hard time during the pandemic. At the same time, they have grown from the challenges and developed amazing skills. This also changes the wishes and needs of the young generation. This is one of the central results of the depth-psychological-qualitative as well as representative-quantitative study, which rheingold conducted for the magazine STERN.

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What you can expect from the RHEINGOLD YOUTH STUDY 2022:

Insights that drive your business forward

You will receive more than 130 charts with qualitative and quantitative insights, incorporating our extensive target group knowledge and insights from various fields.

Current in-depth interviews

We conducted 30 in-depth interviews with young people in a wide range of living conditions between February and April 2022. The results are psychologically representative and provide a comprehensive insight into the needs and desires of the target group.

Psychological analyses with depth

In-depth psychological analysis based on thousands of in-depth interviews conducted annually by the rheingold institute.

Quantitative representative survey

Meaningful results of the quantitative-representative survey (n=1023), presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

Shadow sides of the pandemic

Many young people did not fare well during the pandemic: loss of structure, loss of social relationships, family confinement. 61 percent often felt lonely, and almost half of those surveyed had become insecure in dealing with people.

Turbo growth in the pandemic

Great learning effects with turbo growth: they have taught themselves digitally independently of school, learned new sports. 70% of the young people have become stronger as a result of the pandemic, 60% have learned new things for their future lives.

Extensive expertise in the field of youth and women

  • Numerous studies on GenZ in continuous succession
  • Insights on social and political issues
  • Comprehensive consumer research in various industries and product groups
  • Insights in the area of employer branding, especially in the area of home office, hybrid working and gendering
  • Extensive studies of women as well as men

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