Most successful launch of a new beer brand since 2003

How Veltins thoroughly shook up the German light beer market with rheingold.

Initial situation

Veltins and the Cologne-based rheingold Institute have long been a well-established team in market research and jointly develop the brands.
The challenge this time was to establish a Helles beer on the market that goes beyond Bavarian appearance and origin.

The way to the goal

Veltins called in rheingold at a very early stage. With in-depth psychological market research, various designs and containers were tested from the consumer's point of view and the beer was tasted.

The analysis also included atmosphere and body language.
rheingold psychologists translate what is said into what is meant. After the analysis, rheingold gave a clear recommendation: Go for Pülleken. A courageous decision by Veltins that has visibly paid off.

Customer testimonials

Stefan Wiesmann Head of Marketing Veltins

The psychological insights and strategic support provided by rheingold made all the difference in the development of Pülleken.


CustomerBrewery C.&A. VELTINS GmbH & Co. KG
TaskTo establish a Helles beyond Bavarian appearance and origin on the market.
Studyrheingold product and concept test
SuccessMost successful launch of a new beer brand since 2003.
LeaderPaul Bremer

Facts about the project: Pülleken


  • Highly competitive segment in the beer market
  • Brand launch in the beer market cost-intensive
  • Overall declining market


  • Most successful innovation in the beer market
  • Around 75 million bottles sold in 2022
  • Directly in the top ten German Hell beers