Red cheeks Case

The strategy plus for red cheeks

We congratulate our customer Rotbäckchen from Rabenhorst.

At the "Brand Awards 2012″ Rotbäckchen won the award for the best brand stretch. The rheingold institute has been conducting research for the Rotbäckchen brand since 2010. In multi-layered studies, the basis for understanding the brand, its users and the usage contexts was laid. Thanks in part to rheingold's market research, Rotbäckchen was able to increase sales by over 800 percent within just a few years.

In 2010 and 2011, rheingold tested new product variants in close cooperation with the customer, with regard to quality, consumer interest as well as the communication measures promoting the product.

Red cheeks bottles

The core of the rheingold institute's study results was an opening up of the brand across two levels. The study team led by Stephan Grünewald, Birgit Langebartels and Carsten Schneider created a two-dimensional positioning matrix that included the new focal points of "functional differentiation" and "generalization". The aim was to expand the brand's competence from the "panacea" function, which had previously been rather limited from the point of view of users, to the areas of balance, fitness, vitality and joie de vivre.

The second level of the matrix, on the other hand, focused on moving the product strengths towards the themes of "soul" and "spirit" and away from pure physicality. Products such as "Rotbäckchen - Ruhe und Kraft," "Rotbäckchen - Lernstark" or "Winterbäckchen" are the result of this brand stretching. They lead the brand towards a competent suitability for everyday use and offer differentiated functionalizations that Rotbäckchen had never known before. And they do so without seeming interchangeable or mundane.

Methods and tools

For each research and consulting project, we put together an individual setting. In most cases, the focus is on a basic study so that we and you can get to know the market and its environment as well as its trends and impact mechanisms. In addition, a variety of proprietary rheingold tools and rheingold methods are available to illuminate and deepen individual aspects.

The winners of this year's Marken-Award were selected by a top-class jury in an elaborate, multi-stage application process. "The 2012 Brand Award once again shows the entire breadth and class of brand management in Germany, across all industries and company sizes," reports absatzwirtschaft Editor-in-Chief Christoph Berdi. "Many of the entries, and ultimately the winners, are about how tradition is handled. It's exciting to see how this has been solved, even at the cost of giving up one's own history."

The three-field strategy: soul - body - mind

The jury's statement said, "Haus Rabenhorst stretched the cult brand Rotbäckchen into a whole range of health juices with tried-and-tested elements and new varieties." This also meant saying goodbye to the medical image: the new varieties position themselves as loving problem solvers for mothers who want to give their children the best. In doing so, the company is relying on staging itself as the "nation's magical health juice." While the communication offensive followed the claim "Pass on the best," Rotbäckchen also opened up new distribution channels in food retail, drugstores, natural food stores and delicatessens. Overall, "the magic potion" was thus able to defy the negative development of the German juice market: While declining sales were recorded here, Rotbäckchen sales rose by 801 percent within a few years, and turnover even increased by 811 percent.


CustomerHouse Rabenhorst O. Lauffs GmbH & Co. KG
TaskRepositioning and development of a product strategy for the "Rotbäckchen" brand.
StudyBasic study, Brand Success Code
Success800 % increase in sales
AwardBrand Award
LeaderStephan Grünewald

Facts about the project: Red cheeks

The Rotbäckchen brand is one of our long-standing support projects. Together with those responsible at Rabenhorst, we have repositioned the brand, developed new products and thus helped the Rotbäckchen brand achieve new successes.


Impact and successes

Sales increase
Market opening

Rotbäckchen is already the third brand that the rheingold institute was able to contribute to winning the brand award with its depth psychological studies. In previous years, the Frosch brand and the magazine "Landlust" had already been awarded the coveted prize.