Young people on professional standby

Why are some young people not studying or training and are permanently on career standby? This is what rheingold for Joblinge has investigated. The initiative brings together business, the state and private individuals to support young people with difficult starting conditions. The study found that there are six types of avoidance. In other words, six strategies that prevent young people from finding their way into training. The reasons range from a lack of self-worth, massive overconfidence and traumatic experiences to a feel-good bubble. "Many of the young people simply get stuck between fantasies of grandeur and nightmares of social incapacitation," says study director Sabine Loch. Traditional approaches, offers and incentives do not work with this target group.

How can young people be given targeted support?

The focus is on the target group of NEETs: young people who are not in training, work, school or university. This group includes over 630,000 young people across Germany. Many of them could enter vocational education and training - but they do not. This study helps to understand what keeps young people from training and how they can be motivated. 

JOBLINGE accompanies young people with difficult starting conditions on their way into training or work. The study develops an in-depth psychological understanding of young adults without vocational training. This includes analyzing their everyday lives, aspirations, social integration and use of communication channels. In addition, dealing with demands, motivation and frustration is examined in order to derive motivational messages.
What can really help to motivate these young people again? You can find all the insights in the study, which you can download free of charge here .

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