Study on the energy crisis and the role of utilities

Central issues of the energy crisis

Together with customers through the crisis

Consumer behavior becomes more unpredictable during the crisis, which makes planning and communication more difficult for municipal utilities as well as energy suppliers. In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the condition and behavior of energy customers, the Cologne-based rheingold institute conducted a qualitative psychological market research study in cooperation with the ASEW network. The study will be used to derive indications and recommendations that will enable municipal utilities and energy suppliers to position themselves well in the crisis. The aim is to maintain and promote consumer confidence.

The digital report on the results of the study, including a joint presentation of the results
with all study orderers, costs 1.950,- Euro net, plus VAT.

Perception of the energy crisis

What are the expectations, needs, fears or hopes? What are the ambitions and plans? How realistic are the customers? How do they evaluate the possible scenarios for the winter? What support services do they need?

Handling strategies and willingness to save

How are customers dealing with the energy crisis? What is being done? What is actually being done? Where are the sensitive points, the thresholds and limits of acceptance (renunciation, costs, distribution of the burden)? What is the level of willingness and ability to save?

Perception of municipal utilities and energy suppliers in the crisis

How are municipal utilities and energy suppliers perceived and evaluated during the crisis? Which measures and messages stand out and how do they work (best practice)? How much do customers see their municipal utilities as responsible? How is the relationship with the utilities changing? How are customer trust and loyalty changing?

Prospects and measures

How can municipal utilities and suppliers appear and act in the crisis? What position and attitude should they adopt in the crisis? How can they maintain customer loyalty? How can energy suppliers and municipal utilities prove themselves to be fair and trustworthy partners even in the crisis and as bearers of bad price news?

Goals of the study

  • Monitoring the consumer perspective on the energy crisis and development of electricity costs.
  • Analysis of the needs, fears, anxieties and, above all, manners of the various target groups
  • Investigation of the perception, evaluation, expectations as well as requirements for energy suppliers and municipal utilities
  • Derivation of insights, ideas and recommendations for the positioning of municipal utilities such as ut ilities in and to the crisis as well as for the development of measures

The results of the study will be available from mid-October. On September 28, a half-hour online meeting was held in which the study leaders presented the study and its methods. 

Aims of the project

Strategic alignment

In order to position themselves strategically for the winter, it is enormously important for municipal utilities and suppliers to understand and anticipate the perspective of consumers and how they can be expected to deal with the crisis.

Customers' view

Therefore, this comprehensive study is to deeply investigate and classify the perception, evaluation and preparation for the expected "hard winter" among customers of energy suppliers and municipal utilities.

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