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Judith Barbolini
Judith Barbolini

Since 2011 at the rheingold institute and member of the management board. She speaks five languages and conducts research, especially internationally. Her other areas of focus are social and cultural research, cleaning and personal care, and interior design.

Tel.: +49 221-912 777-67

Meat counter

Storytelling and visual merchandising at the POS

Emotions can provide the decisive incentive to buy at the point of sale. In-depth psychological market research can be used to segment customer groups.
Beauty Trends 2023

Beauty trends 2023

INSIDE beauty asked market research and communications insiders about the most important trends. In this interview, Judith Barbolini reveals what we should look out for this year.
Will the Seamless Consumer change the future of shopping?

The end of brands?

In the future, shopping will be driven more by the desire for personal development and solutions to life problems. Companies urgently need to rethink.
ECR Day - Shopping of the future

ECR Austria 2022 - "Meet the seamless consumer".

Judith Barbolini presented the "seamless consumer" as a keynote at ECR Day 2022. "People no longer buy products, but solutions for life issues". You can watch the whole presentation online here.
The stumbling block of gender

Psychological stumbling block of gendering

In a depth psychological as well as quantitative study, we show what gendering means for society and consumption, for brands and markets.
The stumbling block of gender

The stumbling block of gender: linguistic provocation counteracts the longing for social togetherness

Paradoxically, gendering often counteracts the longing for a better togetherness.