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Three effective tools for your customized sustainability strategy


Sustainable success with a clear green line

Companies face the challenge of implementing the topic of sustainability in a way that suits them and is an investment in the future of the brand. Sustainability offers great opportunities, but there are no universal solutions! With rheingold greenStrategy, you sound out all the opportunities of sustainability and go into implementation with three tools. 



We answer the central question of how relevant sustainability is for one's own company or brand. How important is it compared to other image dimensions? How prominently should it be played? Can sustainability be a USP?


We conduct a 360-degree analysis of various sustainability factors to bring together the customer, market and company perspectives. With our network of experts, we work with you in a workshop to develop concrete solutions.


The rheingold greenLab is the solution to test concepts in a target-oriented way and to optimize them iteratively. In the one to two-day lab, the effect of planned measures and communication approaches on your brand and its positioning is examined.

Social trends

The rheingold Institute continuously researches social trends and identifies how they relate to sustainability. Book a speaker on the megatrend of sustainability for your event. 


Why sustainability is psychologically complex

Paradox of sustainability

Our hallmarks are real insights and blunt truths about brands, companies and communication. In our studies, it becomes clear that the desire for sustainability is psychologically a conservative longing. We want the world to remain as we have known it since childhood, a world of security. However, we can only preserve the world if we transform it.

This is what we call the paradox of sustainability.

Sustainability in five areas

  • People: How are employees dealt with?
  • Process: How sustainable are the production processes?
  • Product: How sustainable is the product offering?
  • Promotion: How honestly does the company communicate? 
  • Planet: What are we doing for the environment?

Orientation towards UN Goals

  • We are guided by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.
  • This ensures that your greenStrategy is based on the globally applicable goals for greater sustainability, environmental awareness and ethics.
  • This guarantees the meaningfulness of the measures and shows real change both internally and externally. 

Sustainability & financial investments - a study example

Are sustainability and financial investments compatible? This question was investigated by rheingold psychologists on behalf of Union Investment. In 2022, we presented the results in a webinar. You can watch the recording here. 

Why you should act now

  • Sustainability has become a real decision criterion
  • Only a clear sustainability strategy has an impact
  • Sustainability must fit the company, product and brand

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