A look into the soul of energy customers

In order to be strategically well positioned for the winter and the coming year, it is enormously important for municipal utilities and other players in the energy market to understand and be able to anticipate the perspective of consumers and their expected ways of dealing with the crisis .

The rheingold institute has therefore conducted a comprehensive study among customers of public utilities and energy suppliers , which deeply examines and classifies the perception, assessment and preparation for the expected "hard winter" and the energy crisis. In the experience of consumers, the energy crisis is currently overshadowed above all by inflation and the sharp rise in the cost of living, which has already had a noticeable impact on people's everyday lives. Accordingly, there are many concrete savings measures and restrictions - accompanied by feelings ranging from frustration to 'reasonable' acceptance. The study with 64 participants (in-depth interviews of two hours each) shows that people deal with the diffuse threat in different ways.

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