rheingold Gender & Generation

People in their roles and phases of life understand Diversity successfully address

Genders and generations are fluid concepts, more than ever today. At the same time, age, life stage and gender have an impact on the perception of products. We understand changing gender concepts and translate them into a tailored target group approach.

Take advantage of our expertise!

What challenges companies face today:

New genderroles

How can companies respond to increasingly fluid gender roles and avoid conflicts? What remains, what changes?

Next Generation

How can typologies be found for one's own strategy in the face of increasingly blurred generations?

Understanding tensions

How can new conflicts and areas of tension between genders and generations be productively shaped?

Understanding roles and addressing diversity

What expectations, demands, fears or hopes are there in a diverse society? What solutions can brands and products offer here?

What Gender & Generation offers

  • Qualitative and quantitative market research studies with a focus on precisely defined target groups
  • Workshops
  • Expedition Insights (live market research: collaboratively getting to know your own target group and topics)
  • Lectures (bundled knowledge from the field of gender & generation)
  • Consulting (expert knowledge for your everyday work)
  • Research and cooperation (rheingold research and own studies)
  • Expert meetings with futurologists
  • Annual rheingold Gender & Generation Barometer

The advantages of Gender & Generation

Fixed role and age clichés are passé. With our Gender & Generation expertise, we find completely new solutions for your issues in gender marketing and age-specific advertising.

We place development in a cultural-psychological context to current social moods and trends.

We take into account the challenges and developmental tasks of the respective age groups and phases as well as different genders through developmental psychological expertise.

We facilitate an annual update via the rheingold Gender & Generation Barometer.

We grant access to a large pool of rheingold Gender & Generation studies.

We draw on the insights of several thousand interviews per year and bundle this expertise across industries.

We align the implementation and analysis with developmental psychological prerequisites of the target group.