A day of AHA-moments - your team and rheingold in touch with the consumer


Market research live, together with your team

The one-day workshop "Expedition Insights" (digital, analog or hybrid) is market research at your fingertips and brings your team up close to the consumer. An Expedition is an ideal kickoff day for the start of a project, product or campaign development or to find exactly the right questions for a study.

A great kickoff to re-set

After an "Expedition Insights Workshop", you and your team will re-enter your daily work with surprising knowledge, aha experiences and consumer fueled motivation.

A life team experience with your target groups

Your team of up to 10 people actively participates in psychological research and interacts directly with your consumer and target groups.

Moderation by experienced rheingold psychologists

Experienced experts from the rheingold institute lead the workshop. Our psychological analysis helps de-mystify consumer motives and needs.

A workshop day with many AHA moments: in-house, digital or hybrid

Experience a deep diving workshop online, hybrid, in-house or at rheingold: the setting is tailored to your needs.

Getting close to your own brand

Expedition Insights combines our workshop and consulting expertise with elements of qualitative in-depth psychological research. Your team develops and tests its own ideas and experiences direct feedback through the exchange with consumers. This allows the team to see their own brand with fresh eyes.

Research up close and interactive

Modules such as focus groups, in-depth interviews or self-explorations are tailored precisely to your questions. Moderated by our psychologists, insights are continuously analyzed, translated for the team and entered into the creative process.


What you can expect from Expedition Insights

  • Insight and empathy into consumer realities
  • Participation in the depth psychological research process and the rheingold expertise
  • Experiencing the limits and possibilities of the product/brand
  • Creation of storyline and checklists for everyday transformation
  • Inspire and swear in the team

The result is surprising and relevant insights that develop a strong impact through the team's shared experience and set valuable impulses for a new approach to product and brand. Your team develops and tests its own ideas and experiences direct feedback through the exchange with consumers. Thus, the event is not only a guarantee for tangible output, but also a kick-off for change processes. Direct, uncomplicated, effective!


Expedition Insights Workshops: immediate - uncomplicated - effective

An "Expedition Insights Workshop" does not replace a rheingold study. But it is a good choice if you want to solve manageable questions quickly and directly, as a supplement to a study or stand alone. Each workshop is tailored to your goal and individually designed for you. Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Exemplary questions for an "Expedition Insights

  • In what directions can our brand still be stretched?
  • How, where and why do people actually use our product?
  • What do people love most about our brand?
  • What blind spots do we have in the company with regard to our product?
  • What haven't we thought of yet?

Who is Expedition Insights for?

teams and employees from:

  • Market research
  • Marketing
  • Product development
  • Management

But also other departments and management groups that lack customer contact or want to get closer to their brand and need psychological insights from research for their daily and strategic work.

Best Case Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

How does the GenZ deal with local mobile news offers and what are psychological drivers, blockades and needs? To find out, we conducted an Expedition Insights with the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and presented the results in the webinar.

Here you can find an article from planning & analysis about our Expedition Insights:

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