Revealing the unconscious 2.0 with rheingoldArena®

The hybrid rheingold exploration method rheingoldArena creates a focus group scenario that generates a potentiation of insights through the live connection of group and chat.

A focus group is moderated by a psychologist and viewed live by an online panel. The online participants are asked to comment on the group events in the arena, i.e., adding to, revising, extending on, and paraphrasing.

A second moderator of the focus group follows the comments of the online panel simultaneously and ensures plays online commentary back to the group to enrich the insights gathered and deepen the results. Researchers and clients observe the both events in parallel and can add their commentary as well.

A feedback and deepening loop is created that is constantly inspired and refined, leading to a multiplication of insights.

The moderator also has the online participants fulfill concrete tasks, creating a circular analog-digital interaction that constantly inspires and specifies itself and thus leads to a potentiation of insights.

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Arena premiered as part of a study on the Brand Success Code. During our first two-hour arena, 1600 comments and descriptions were generated by the online panel - including insights into their usage behavior, personal experiences, purchase triggers and barriers, as well as steps and unique of the customer journey.

The added value of this new method is not only the wealth of consumer perceptions. In addition, the online participants - freed from the constraints of consensus or waiting their “turn” - can continuously extend on the non-articulated aspects of the focus group. In this way, the arena systematically helps reveal unconscious drivers and needs.

From an interview with Marcel Beaufils about the rheingold Arena:

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