rheingold deepEmotions

Rethinking advertising effectiveness research -
Emotions as the fuel of action

rheingold deepEmotions

Rethinking Advertising Research - emotions as the fuel of action


Understanding and measuring emotions

rheingold deepEmotions combines qualitative understanding and implicit, objective emotion measurement and is thus predestined for advertising effectiveness research - especially as a pretest. The tool combines TAWNY's emotion analytics based on state-of-the-art AI and deep learning ('Newcomer in Market Research award 2022' by planning&analysis) with rheingold's deep psychological analysis.

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The Emotion Analytics tool from TAWNY in action. The software analyzes facial expressions as well as eye movements, concluding user's emotions.

This is how rheingold deepEmotions works:

Emotional Recognition

The emotion recognition technology is optimized for remote research with typical stimuli and recognizes very subtle reactions.

Automatic facial expression recognition

"Automatic facial expression recognition" by the webcam is also combined with eye tracking in TAWNY.

Central KPIs of rheingold deepEmotions



High arousal - the subjects' level of activation - throughout the presentation is a reliable indicator of assertiveness. The consumer does not switch off.



Is the brand well recognized and perceived? Do people learn something new about the brand and is it charged or developed in a positive way?

Emotional Involvement

Emotional Involvement

Strength and expression of the emotion as a benchmark for the actual advertising impact (arousal & valence, surprise, joy, sadness or anger). Advertising that is emotionally moving generates buying impulses and positively charges the brand.

State-of-the-art AI and Deep Learning


In the qualitative analysis, the (secret) message of the spot is determined. What is communicated about the brand and product, does the target group feel addressed, are the goals from the briefing achieved?

Product presentation

Product presentation

In the detailed analysis, it is worked out how well the product is perceived. Are the benefits and reasons for use understood and are they relevant and attractive?

Optimization possibilities

Optimization possibilities

The overall analysis based on both methods enables targeted and consumer-relevant optimization of advertising media as well as online content.

rheingold deepEmotions packages - the ideal basis for controlling consumer behavior in the network

rheingold deepEmotions® Sprinter

rheingold deepEmotions Sprinter

We have developed a sprinter package especially for advertising pre-tests, which can be carried out quickly and inexpensively:

  • 12 rheingold videoInterviews
  • N=100 Emotion Analytics

7- 8 working days after field start you will receive a report with all essential KPIs and dedicated recommendations for optimization, which we will be happy to discuss with you in a presentation.

rheingold deepEmotions® Custom-Made

rheingold deepEmotions Custom-Made

For all other questions, especially in the areas of UX, online communication, online customer journey and online customer experience, we are happy to work with you to develop a customized research design in which emotion analytics and qualitative exploration methods are optimally coordinated.

Stephan Urlings

Stephan Urlings

Stephan Urlings, graduate psychologist, is Managing Partner and Head of International Research.

Tel.: +49 221-912 777-18
E-mail: urlings@rheingold-online.de

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