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Counter magic at the turn of time

The government's "double whammy" to mitigate the consequences of the crisis is not enough to spread confidence among the people.

We have never had any fear of contact with Quant.

About the currently quite fertile ground for Quali research, about cooperations as well as smart tools that complement classical methods and how the institute is getting fit for the future.
Beauty Trends 2023

Beauty trends 2023

INSIDE beauty asked market research and communications insiders about the most important trends. In this interview, Judith Barbolini reveals what we should look out for this year.
Germany in waiting

Between the turn of the times and double whammy

Tank debates, worries about prosperity and bashful consumption: about a year after the start of the war, Germany is torn.
Crises and their psychological sides

The psychological side of crises

People move between resignation, defiance and anger and at the same time long for a confident view of the future.
Will the Seamless Consumer change the future of shopping?

The end of brands?

In the future, shopping will be driven more by the desire for personal development and solutions to life problems. Companies urgently need to rethink.

Johannes H. Mauss is new Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing professional Johannes Mauss is Chief Marketing Officer and member of the management board at rheingold with immediate effect. He expands the marketing and sales expertise as well as the brand and strategy consulting.

Brand communication in the crisis

Birgit Langebartels on the current mood of people in Germany, how brands should react to it and why the trend towards nature is unbroken.

rheingold press review 2022

Our review of this year's coverage of our webinars, studies and other appearances. That was 2022.

Stephan Grünewald on alarm in everyday life

Stephan Grünewald observes a state of increasing exhaustion in society. For advertisers, he has a clear recommendation: "Show reliability!"
Retro - Picture of the Future

Picture of the future - Ströer Edition

What makes the consumers of the future tick? And why do we like to live in yesterday and remember "the good old days"?

2nd Screenforce Expert Forum

In the current situation of the Ukraine war and the energy crisis, the outcome of which cannot be predicted, brands convey stability and confidence, thus becoming a psychological support for people.
How are the Germans doing?

Permanent crisis mode - How are the Germans doing?

Still battered by Corona, we now face a demanding winter. How are the Germans faring with it?
Fear of the crisis wave

Fear of the crisis wave

Fear and uncertainty are driving people in the face of the wave of crises. Their "psychological backpacks" are already pretty full.
Grünewald at Markus Lanz

Stephan Grünewald at Markus Lanz

On the consequences of high inflation, the current crisis management of the German government, Germany's energy consumption, and the psyche and fears of people in times of crisis.
Analysis of crisis fears

How deep does the fear of the crisis run?

Energy crisis, climate crisis, war and pandemic without end - there is a lot that is unsettling people at the moment. Those in power are trying to calm things down. What is the mood deep in the citizens' souls?
Home office and the risk of erosion

"As much as the home office is celebrated: It's in danger of eroding"

At the beginning of the pandemic, the home office was seen as a place of liberal promise and a step finally taken toward a modern workplace.
DIY to self-efficacy

OBI Children and Youth Study

DIY projects are a way for young people of generations Z and Alpha to feel self-efficacious and break free from the Corona blues and the insecurity they feel about the future.