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What makes people in Germany tick? What does the future hold? Research and consulting with the rheingold Institute


Not just listening to what people say. But really understand what they mean!

Politics and society are faced with the challenge of having to deal with an increasingly unpredictable "public opinion". 

With its research, the rheingold Institute focuses on long-term trends and recognizes basic psychological constants that have a significant influence on people's opinions and behaviour.

The rheingold Institute puts citizens and voters on the psychologist's couch. In two-hour in-depth psychological interviews or group discussions, people's unconscious fears, desires, drives and influencing factors are also worked out. After all, these play a decisive role in determining behavior.


Social research

We regularly examine the mood of Germans in large-scale social studies and also have small tools with which we can continuously shine a light on particular situations. 

Election research

Our election research has a high predictive power because our method eliminates social desirability, which often distorts predictions. 

Policy advice

Based on numerous social and political studies and thousands of interviews, we know exactly how people in Germany feel. With this foundation, we offer targeted consulting, project support and strategy development that focuses on psychological mechanisms of action. 

Crisis communication

Do you need quick assessments or guidelines for action due to current crisis developments? Our psychologists will work with you in a lab to develop concrete solutions.


Four study examples

Study on the reality of life: Citizens in Germany long for "people's caretakers" and political representatives who solve problems • Representative study "How we really live" by the rheingold Institute on behalf of Philip Morris examines influencing factors and perspectives on political representation • Concept of the "common people" is gaining relevance • Citizens are becoming more fearful and radical

Study on the reality of life in Germany

Citizens in Germany are longing for "people's caretakers" and political representatives who really solve problems. The concept of the "simple...

Germany on the run from reality

A depth psychology study and representative survey on the mental state of Germans clearly shows that two thirds of the population mistrust...
ns time national socialism genZ

Test of Courage NS Time: Uncanny Fascination and High Sensitivity of Gen Z

Gen Z is much more interested in the Nazi era than their parents' generation and associates the confrontation with...
Federal election Retreat into the snail shell

Retreat into a snail shell instead of a spirit of optimism ahead of the federal election

rheingold study on the 2021 federal election: The end of the reassuring "business as usual" intensifies the pressure for change that is already being felt.

Turning point and confidence - Stephan Grünewald as advisor to the Federal Government at Schloss Meseberg

Grünewald in Meseberg 2023 Photo Denzel

At the invitation of Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the rheingold Institute was a guest at the 2023 cabinet retreat. The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger interviewed Stephan Grünewald about his theses.


Why old rules no longer apply in the shadow of crisis permanence

Policy advice in three areas

  • People: Fundamentally - What makes citizens tick?
  • Communication: How do campaigns work and how can they be developed and optimized?
  • Strategy: How do projects and plans have to be set up so that people really get involved?

For whom we do research

  • For democratic parties and social institutions that are interested in a better understanding of people.
  • For ministries and the federal government (for example as an advisor and initiator at the cabinet meeting in Meseberg).
  • As a psychological advisor in expert committees (e.g. Corona Expert Council of the NRW government). 

Your contact persons

Stephan Grünewald
E-mail: gruenewald@rheingold-online.de
Phone: +49 221 912777-17

Anna Brand

Anna Brand
E-mail: brand@rheingold-online.de
Phone: +49 221 912777-10

Ismene Poulakos (Press)
E-mail: poulakos@rheingold-online.de
Phone: +49 221 912777-44