rheingoldCoCreation - Looking through the customer's glasses


Developing new things together with your customers

What does the reality of consumers' lives look like in concrete terms? How do you deal with products and brands? How would consumers develop a product?

rheingoldCoCreation gives companies the opportunity to experience consumer reality up close and personal through the eyes and gut feeling of the consumer. In this way, company employees gain a better understanding of their customers, develop empathy and, based on this, can break new ground in market and product development.

InHome ethnographicInterviews

The core of the CoCreation process consists primarily of in-home interviews with users of the products (rheingold ethnographicInterviews®), which employees conduct together with rheingold in order to gain filter-free insights into the living worlds. They are supported by psychologists who create a thematic guideline and are available as co-moderators if needed.

rheingold consumerClinics

The second important module is interactive workshops (rheingold consumerClinic®), in which customers, consumers and rheingold employees work on tasks together and thus exchange ideas intensively. The workshops consist of content-related, creative and interactive elements. Through games and joint tasks, customers and consumers get to know each other, creatively solve problems and create joint visions for the future of the product or brand.

Innovative solutions and strategies

At the end of the CoCreation process, the most important insights are usually identified, condensed and structured. The practice of the user perspective and empathy with the customers is strengthened once again. The results are innovative solutions and strategies that understand the needs and desires of the customers and integrate them in a deep way.

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