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Innovation development with rheingold

Innovation development with rheingold

The conditions for innovation development are good - especially with the end of the Covid 19 crisis it is time to take off.
Stephan Grünewald in the Corona Expert Council

Stephan Grünewald in the NRW Expert Council: Polarization vs. Cohesion

Stephan Grünewald, member of the NRW state government's Council of Experts, on the state of mind of the population between polarization and cohesion.
Best Agers and the Pandemic

Best Agers and the Pandemic - A Senior Study

"New Start 2021?" is the fifth senior study. It focuses on the short- and long-term effects of the pandemic on best agers.
The rheingold ConceptLab

The rheingoldConceptLab

rheingoldConceptLab. Creative processes run in real time and are tested and optimized in parallel with the focus groups and in-depth interviews.
A video message at the turn of the year

Principle of design instead of principle of hope - a video message at the turn of the year

In this video message, Stephan Grünewald summarizes the past and wishes for a switch from the "principle of hope" to the "design mode" for the year 2021.

On the trail of the unconscious 2.0 with the arena

The hybrid rheingold exploration method rheingoldArena® creates a focus group scenario that generates a potentiation of insights through the live connection of group and chat.
Secret User Experience

Secret UX: From user to fan

An excellent user experience (UX) has valuable spillover effects on the brand.
Sprint Insights in two days

NEW: The rheingoldSprint®

The rheingoldSprint - ideal research tools for the contactless corona phase. Fast, pragmatic, economical.
Life in idle, a book by Birgit Langebartels

Life in idle

Psychologist Birgit Langebartels uses thousands of in-depth interviews to trace how sufferers experience their depression and makes transparent the six steps that contribute to psychological suffering.
Works of art at rheingold

Images with hidden wit and a lot of subtlety

From September to December 2019, artworks and objects by the artist Sylvia Barbolini will be on display in the rooms of the rheingold institute. The cooperation is based on the common interest in the depth-psychological dimension of the human being, with which the artist dedicates her works.
Employer Branding

Employer Branding

Recruiting employees has now become a real challenge for many companies. Booming labor markets, declining birth rates and exponentially increasing demand in certain occupational groups are just some of the causes.
Mirrors bestsellers

Mirrors bestsellers

Stephan Grünewald, born in 1960, is a psychologist and founder of the Rheingold institute in Cologne. A trained psychotherapist, he is the author of several books, including the bestsellers "Germany on the Couch" and "Cologne on the Couch" (KiWi).
Basic course in depth psychological exploration

Basic Course "Depth Psychological Exploration

Starting in mid-January 2019, the rheingold institute will launch a basic course in which you will learn the fundamental skills of depth psychological exploration.

Strategy consulting

The strategy afterwards. With rheingoldBridging, you work out with our experts how to proceed after a study.
Rheingold in Shanghai

rheingold in Shanghai

The rheingold institute opens a branch office in Shanghai. Besides San Francisco, Shanghai is the second international office of the institute.

rheingoldCoCreation - Looking through the customer's glasses

The rheingoldCoCreation gives companies the opportunity to experience this firsthand through the eyes and guts of the consumer.
The rheingold interview

The rheingold interview

The rheingold interview is the heart of our morphological research and much more than a normal in-depth interview.
Rheingold employees

The rheingold employees - a perfect team

At rheingold, around 45 permanent and 55 freelance employees analyze the unconscious psychological factors and interrelationships of meaning that determine human actions.