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Shopper Journey 2022

The hybrid shopper journey in grocery retailing

What makes customers tick throughout their shopping journey and how can their behavior be tracked?

A look into the soul of energy customers

The rheingold institute has conducted a comprehensive study among customers of energy suppliers, deeply investigated and classified their perception and preparation for the "hard winter" and the energy crisis.

Strengthening democracy - reality of life in times of crisis

What is the state of democracy in our country? This year, too, the representative study "How we really live" commissioned by Philip Morris.

Binding forces and binding killers in companies

A joint study "Cohesion - Tomorrow's Retention Forces" by the rheingold institute and Pawlik Consultants shows that many employees are open to change.
Shopper Journey 2022

Shopper Journey Study 2022 - the supermarket journey

What makes customers tick on their shopping journey? GS1 Germany, Holistic Consulting and rheingold conducted a study on shopper journeys.
ECR Day - Shopping of the future

ECR Austria 2022 - "Meet the seamless consumer".

Judith Barbolini presented the "seamless consumer" as a keynote at ECR Day 2022. "People no longer buy products, but solutions for life issues". You can watch the whole presentation online here.
vegan and vegetarian diet

Future trend vegan and vegetarian diet

How are consumers developing into flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans, what drives them and what hardships do they face? What expectations do they have of manufacturers and retailers?
Sustainability and financial investments

ExpertClub: "Sustainability and Financial Investments"

Are sustainability and financial investments compatible? This question was investigated by rheingold psychologists on behalf of Union Investment.
DIY to self-efficacy

OBI Children and Youth Study

DIY projects are a way for young people of generations Z and Alpha to feel self-efficacious and break free from the Corona blues and the insecurity they feel about the future.
Home Office Report

Home Office Report for Executives: Now Available

Home Office Report for Executives: Now Available.
Youth Study

rheingold Youth Study 2022: Now available

The pandemic was a challenge for many young people. With consequences to this day. This is shown by the results of the rheingold youth study.
Shopper Journey

Shopper Journey Study 2022: What makes customers tick when shopping?

In the search for typical shopping patterns, seven customer journeys emerged in the "Shopper Journey Study 2022".
stern youth study

Stern Youth Study: "The lockdowns were hard work for young people"

The pandemic was a challenge for many young people. With consequences that continue to this day. This is shown by the results of the rheingold youth study.
Psychological turning point

Psychological turning point - war seething in the background

The Germans are trying to suppress the war in Ukraine to a large extent. After a collective state of shock at the start of the war at the end of February, all efforts are currently being made to evoke normality - a psychological turning point.
Melancovid Meets Fear of War

"Melancovid" Meets Fear of War - Germany Between Resignation and Shock Rigidity

What makes Germans tick in crisis permanence? A Depth Psychological Study of the Mental State of the Germans.
The stumbling block of gender

The stumbling block of gender: linguistic provocation counteracts the longing for social togetherness

Paradoxically, gendering often counteracts the longing for a better togetherness.
ns time national socialism genZ

Test of Courage NS Time: Uncanny Fascination and High Sensitivity of Gen Z

Gen Z is clearly more interested in the Nazi era than their parents' generation, and they associate it with acute social problems such as racism and discrimination.
How Germans look to the future

Future Study 2021: How Germans Look to the Future

Study on the future 2021: In-depth psychological and representative study "How Germans look to the future".