Conquering Markets - The Continent of Markets

Continents of markets method rheingold

Continents of Markets explain customer behavior

Consumers fundamentally change their behavior depending on the market context. The market therefore determines behavior, and each market in turn has its own dynamics, customs and practices - the secret mechanisms of action.

All brands and industries can be located in the Continents of Markets.
Together, you and we are in a position to recognize the actual impact of
in the markets.

Effective strategies through the Continents of Markets

In numerous studies, we were able to develop a map of market types. The Continents of Markets allow us to recognize market mechanisms, to understand customer loyalty, to locate positioning, to enter new continents with the brand and to conquer them in differentiation to the competition.

Every brand has a psychological task

Every industry, indeed every brand, can be attributed to one of the Continents of Markets if one recognizes its inner structure, its secret logic and function. Fashion, for example, is primarily a personality marker, while cosmetics are a "situational style aid". The example of banks shows well how these localizations can be consciously differentiated in order to conquer new terrain and specifically address certain customer groups.

Deep understanding of a brand

Savings banks or Volksbanks, for example, serve as protective powers, guaranteeing a high level of security when dealing with capital. Direct banks place a different emphasis, focusing more on expansion and thus acting as growth promoters. A private bank, on the other hand, can also position itself as a personality marker in differentiation from its competitors.

The Continents of Markets are thus the basis for the psychological understanding of an industry as well as the individual brand and serve as the foundation for any marketing strategy.

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