Strategy consulting

The strategy afterwards - know where to go.

In our studies, we take a close look at your brands, products and markets. In addition to the two-hour interviews with the test subjects, each study is accompanied by a large number of analysis meetings and technical discussions with our experts. This enables us, together with you and our marketing experts, to set the right strategic course, develop relevant measures and advance their implementation. In your company, this ensures that a study not only provides information, but actually becomes the starting point for decisive adjustment processes, should this be necessary. We call this strategic consulting "rheingoldBridging".

The Bridging Principle

rheingoldBridging includes strategy support based on the findings of the study and moderates the necessary processes. Through a series of workshops, we thus always arrive at the strategic measures and concrete steps that make the study effective in the long term.

This will enable you to act strategically in an operationally sensible way, to make relevant decisions that are equally demanded by the results of the study and that can be justified.

The bridge

At rheingoldBridging, action-oriented strategic consulting for our clients means bridging the gap between solid empirical results and their concrete implementation in day-to-day marketing.

In this way, we walk the path to successful action together with you.

  • Internal and external marketing specialists who accompany the studies from the evaluation phase and reporting to optional workshop modules
  • Detailed analysis of the study topics with regard to relevance and feasibility in the company
  • Development of strategic positioning adjustments
  • Definition of a medium- and long-term communication strategy as a guide for future decisions in marketing and advertising
  • Workshops and reviews
  • Our extensive experience and overview of markets, cultures and consumers

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